Say a Prayer

Hair: Vrsion KNV31 Hair with Headband (available at FaMESHed) Mask: Vrsion SLSX7 Mask (available at FaMESHed) Necklace: Nova Cason Necklace (silver) Tattoo: Dappa Lucius Tattoo (available at Men only Month) Tank Top: The Oak Tank Top (black) Arm Cuffs: Cerberus Xing Spiked Fury (black) Gloves: Ascend Hunter Bento Gloves (Leather black)(available at FaMESHed) Pants: Eclipse… Continue reading Say a Prayer

Desire and Dreams

The 2nd piece of underwear from Thirst from its new monthly subscription is the jock* and like comes with a texture hud giving you six different textures is available for both the Jake and Gianni mesh bodies. Thirst Slurl Horns: Illusions Cerwn Horns Necklace: Swallow Rosary Necklace Top: Thirst Caged Crop Top (black) Bracelets: Cerberus… Continue reading Desire and Dreams

This Didn’t End Well

Hat: Maru Kado Suge Gasa (red) Mask: ContraptioN Gut Churner Necklace: Mandala Sakura Dynasty Necklace Tattoo: Dappa Keegan Tattoo Glove & Hand: Vrsion KNV29 BioDaedric Arm & Left Hand Glove (available at The Men's Department) Torso: Hotdog Gutted (available at Eclipse) Katana Prop: The Forge Blazo Katana Backdrop: Varonis StarDust Background

Let’s Dance

Hair: Argrace Shun (ash black) Horns: Illusions Snicker Horns Nose Ring: Cerberus Xing Menace (gold) Necklace: Empyrean Forge Razortooth's Charm (silver) Outfit: Thirst Incubus (shadow)* Nipple Piercings: Real Evil Industries ReVox Nipple Piercings P4 Tattoo: Dappa Keegan Tattoo Rings: Shi Messiah Emeth Chunky Rings Props & Poses: Nantra Illuminati Backdrop: Varonis Stardust *Promotional copy

The House of Slytherin

Hair: Argrace Shun (light brown) Face Tattoo: Hipster Style Sugar Skull (available at the Hipster Event) Necklace: Cold Ash Weston Necklace Nipple Piercings: Real Evil Industries ReVox Nipple Piercings P3 Tattoo: Identity After Dark Bracelets: Kunst Logan Bracelets Underwear: The Oak Brief's (white) Props & Poses: Diesel Works Serpent (available here on the Marketplace) Background:… Continue reading The House of Slytherin

Let’s Dance the Night Away

Hat: ContraptioN Standard Issue Top Hat Face Tattoo: Hipster Style Sugar Skull (available at the Hipster Event) Collar: Noche Danny's Collar (group gift) Chest Tattoo: Clemmm Underworld Unkin Markings Nipple Piercings: Real Evil Industries ReVox Nipple Piercings P2 Cuffs: Pure Poison Leather Cuffs Pants: Fakeicon Vason Pants Halloween (from the Foxcity Halloween Hunt) Boots: Deadwool… Continue reading Let’s Dance the Night Away

The Eye Sees All

Eye: ContraptioN Eye of Desire (available at The Dark Style Fair) Mask: Cureless Procedure Mask Cloak & Harness: Gabriel Wizard Court & Harness (black) (available at The Dark Style Fair) Tattoo: Dappa Valek Tattoo (available at The Men's Department) Claws: Cerberus Xing Salient Talons (onyx) Underwear: Mossu Violent Underwear Sandals: Madrigal Dreamer Sandals Backdrop: Varonis… Continue reading The Eye Sees All

I See Your Future

Mask & Wings: Maru Kado Crow Mask Set Chest Harness: Meva Kaneda Vest (black/brown) Pants: Meva Kaneda Pants (black/brown) Boots: Deadwool Patmos Boots (brown) Bakcdrop - Varonis Ascelin Skybox (available in the Builder's Box Halloween 2018 Edition) Raindale - Darkmore Set (available in the Builder's Box Halloween 2018 Edition) Dahlia - Conjure Collection (available in… Continue reading I See Your Future

Red Night

Hair: Stealthic Like Lust Horns: The Forge Hard Steel Horns Ears: Mandala Stretched Ears Season 2 Eyes: Izzie's Demon Eyes (available at the Salem Event) Nose Piercing: Cerberus Xing Menace (gold) Brooch: Bliensen & MaiTai Siegfried Lizard Brooch Jacket Set: Deadwool The Dandy Formal Jacket (red) Trousers: Deadwool The Dandy Trousers (red) Socks: Deadwool Dandy… Continue reading Red Night