Let the Lights Come Down

Mask & Headpiece: Pendelum The Emissary Head & Mask (silver) (available at Hallow Manor) Neck Piece: Pendelum The Emissary Neckpiece (silver) (available at Hallow Manor) Harness: Radix Shin Harness (black) (available at FaMESHedX) Tattoo: Dappa Lucius Tattoo Nipple Piercings: Real Evil Industries ReVoX Nipple Piercings P3 Arm Cuffs: Cerberus Xing Spiked Fury (black) Bracelets: Noche… Continue reading Let the Lights Come Down


Horns: Remarkable Oblivion Baphomet Horns (infernal) Hair: Vango Zack (browns) Necklace: Noir Maluma Necklace (available at Men Only Month) Tattoo: Dappa Keegan Tattoo Cuffs: Kunst Navigator Cuffs Rings: Cerberus Xing Conjuration Set (silver) Claws: Conviction The Claws V2 Nipple Piercings: Real Evil Industries ReVoX Nipple Piercing P3 Tail: Cerberus Xing Bone Tail (black) Jeans: Mossu… Continue reading Creep

Unleash (NSFW)

Mask: Mossu Puppy Mask (black) Collar: Ghoul Aki Leash (black) (available at FaMESHedX) Nipple Piercings: Real Evil Industries ReVoX Nipple Piercings P3 Tattoo: Dappa Lucius Tattoo Arm Wraps: Matova Ramses Arm Wraps Underwear: Noche Essential Jockstrap (black) Knee Pads: Noche Street Knee Pads (black) Buttplug: Mossu Puppy Buttplug (black) Socks: Ghoul Ghoulboy Legwarmers Boots: L'Emporio… Continue reading Unleash (NSFW)

Death Dealer

Mask & Hat: ContraptioN Highwayman's Shadow Set (available at Eclipse) Necklace: Meva Mens Skull Necklace Tattoo: Dappa Keegan Tattoo Tank Top: Mossu Strong Tank Top Arm Wraps: Cerberus Xing Spiked Fury (black) Cuffs: Cerberus Xing Lance Bracers (black) (available at The Men's Department) Pants & Boots: ContraptioN Deck Crew Jodhpurs & Boots Set (available at… Continue reading Death Dealer


Face Mask/Eye/Wings: Elemental Cryptic Corvus (available at The Final Winter Event) Eyes: Izzie's Demon Eyes Hair: Tableau Vivant Nyx Hair (b&w) Feathers: Maru Kado From the Crow Mask Set Nose Ring: Spookshow Chemosh Septum Harness: Mossu Spiky Harness Arms: Ghoul Ootakemaru Demon Arms(aka manto) Wings: Remarkable Oblivion Azrael Bone Wings Underwear: The Oak Briefs (black)… Continue reading Blackbird

The Judgement

Skin: Elemental Folkdor Fantasy Skin (dark) Mask: Krova Late-Lamstenterran Gindt Skull Headdress (available at We Love Roleplay) Nose Piercing: Spook Show Chemosh Septum Arms: Ghoul Otakemaru Demon Arms Genbu (available at Equal10) Tattoo: Kosmii Kintsugi Cracks (gold) Nipple Piercings: Real Evil Industries ReVoX Nipple Piercings P7 Underwear: Mossu Violent Underwear Back Attacment: Aii The Ugly… Continue reading The Judgement