We Danced the Day Away

Hair: Tableau Vivant Nyx Hair (b&w) Horns: Butanik83 Mushroom Horns (available at Fantasy Faire 2019) Branches: Naminoke Chinese Lantern Dryad (black) Necklace: Maxi Gossamer Ukari's Talismans Tattoo: White Widow Underworld Bracelets: Vuk Kenzo Bracelets Loincloth, leg straps and leg tattoo: PFC Voodoo Fallen Gods - Lights of Midas Lanterns (available at Fantasy Faire 2019) The… Continue reading We Danced the Day Away


Jinx has released these amazing and gorgeous animesh lions for Fantasy Faire 2019 called the Aslan Gacha*. There are 16 commons to collect in natural and snow furs, 2 rare companions and 1 ultra rare companion that comes with texture hud and sparkles. Fantasy Faire 2019 Slurl Hair: Tableau Vivant Nyx Hair (b&w) Antlers: Cerridwen's… Continue reading Liontamer

Keeper of the Hidden Ways

Skin: Elemental Folkdor Fantasy Skin (dark) Eyes: Izzie's Demon Eyes Halo: Air Gothic Halo (black) (available at Fantasy Faire 2019) Wings: Spider Productions Ascendant Wings Demonic v1 (available at Fantasy Faire 2019) Piercings: Conviction Piercing Set 01 Tattoo: This is Wrong Altered Tattoo Armour Set: PFC The Guard Claws: Cerberus Xing Shredder Claws (onyx) Circa… Continue reading Keeper of the Hidden Ways

Faireholm Dreams

For Fantasy Faire 2019, Cinnamon has released two cool Fantasy Faire themed items for the Jinx centaur. The first is the Tobiano* texture applier for the centaur skin and hooves, and the second item is the gorgeous Swirly Greaves* armour. Fantasy Faire 2019 Slurl Hair: Tableau Vivant Nyx Hair (b&w) Antlers: Cerridwen's Cauldron Stag Antlers… Continue reading Faireholm Dreams

Shadows Rise

Deadly Nightshade has released this gorgeous scythe for Fantasy Faire called Viduus' Scythe*. The scythe comes with a combad hud that gives you 5 combat animations, a texture hud so that you can change the colour of the metal and crystal. The scythe can also be worn on your back as well. Fantasy Faire 2019… Continue reading Shadows Rise

The Eternal Dance

Skin: Soul Gen2 M Priest Izaak (D6) (available at Fantasy Faire 2019) Headpiece: Cubic Cherry Akane Headpiece (black) (available at Fantasy Faire 2019) Horns: Cubic Cherry Aeon Horns Ears: Swallow Noldor Elf Ears Bracelets: Kunst Ares Bracelets (available at The Men's Department) Props & Poses: HopScotch House of Alcott Draped Homme (available at Fantasy Faire… Continue reading The Eternal Dance

Under the Sea

Hair: Tableau Vivant Nyx Hair (b&w) Piercings: Conviction Piercing Set 01 Horns: Cerridwen's Cauldron Tuatha Horns (available at Fantasy Faire 2019) Eyes: Conviction Serpent Eyes Necklace: Illusions Shikoba Necklace (available at Fantasy Faire 2019) Tattoo: Birth Tribal Arrow Scarification* (available at Fantasy Faire 2019) Bracelets: Noir Julian Bracelets Hand Webbing: i Monster Mer Membranes 2.0… Continue reading Under the Sea