Play Me a Love Song

For the Boardwalk event that opened on the 15th March, Culprit has released this stunning and gorgeous baby grand piano*. The piano comes loaded with 48 classic public domain songs with custom made bento animations. The piano can be played solo or as a duet and also comes with the option to play muted so… Continue reading Play Me a Love Song

City Life

For the Tannenbaum Event, Culprit has released another cool scooter*. The scooter comes with a hud that gives you six different themes to pick from for your scooter and the scooter can seat two people. Tannenbaum Event Slurl Jacket: Complex C-Way Jacket (black) (available at The Men's Department) Jeans: Represent Utility Jeans (dark) Boots: Mossu… Continue reading City Life

Let the Dance Begin

Culprit Sonata Macabre Bento Upright Piano* - available at The Salem Event For the new Salem Event Culprit has released a gorgeous Halloween themed piano complete with custom bento piano animations and 48 classic public domain songs to play.   Mask: ContraptioN Bottom's Curse Shirt & Waistcoat: Hotdog Napoleonic Waistcoat (dark) (available at Men… Continue reading Let the Dance Begin

My Moonlight Dreams

Hair: Modulus Jon Hair Jacket Set: Deadwool Peak Suit (royal) (Grey 2) Pants: Deadwool Peak Suit (royal) Trousers (Grey 2) Shoes: Deadwool Dandy Shoes (mid brown) Culprit - Sonata Bento Upright Piano (available on FaMESHed Go)* Floorplan - Black Magic Candelabra What Next - Lucia Potted Olive Trees Keke - Tea Lights, Ancient Ink with… Continue reading My Moonlight Dreams

In This Moment, There is Only You

Hair: Modulus Jordan Hair Visor: Oversized Shade Visor (red) (available here on the Marketplace) T-shirt: Noche Kenny T-shirt Red Arrow (available at the Equal10 Event) Tattoo: Identity Born Wild Underwear: Thirst Caged Jock (red) (available at the Equal10 Event) Mat & Poses - Quasi Like a Dog Slave Mat Merak - Tea House Culprit -… Continue reading In This Moment, There is Only You

Round & Round We Go, Who Knows When Will Stop

Carousel: Culprit Fairground Carousel Mix (available at FaMESHed)* Mask: Katat0nik Snow Perv Mask Necklace: Meva Mens Skull Necklace (brown) Nipple Piercings: Real Evil Industries ReVox Nipple Piercing P3 Tattoo: Identity End Road Chest Harness: Noche Chain Link Harness Arm Cuffs: Cerberus Xing Spiked Fury Belt: Bastard Studden Belt Gloves: Meva Male Gloves Pants: Redrum Carnivale… Continue reading Round & Round We Go, Who Knows When Will Stop