Jinx has released these amazing and gorgeous animesh lions for Fantasy Faire 2019 called the Aslan Gacha*. There are 16 commons to collect in natural and snow furs, 2 rare companions and 1 ultra rare companion that comes with texture hud and sparkles.

Fantasy Faire 2019 Slurl

Liontamer Liontamer

Liontamer Liontamer

Hair: Tableau Vivant Nyx Hair (b&w)
Antlers: Cerridwen’s Cauldron Young Deer Antlers (available at Fantasy Faire 2019)
Piercing Set: Conviction Piercing Set 01
Necklace: Meva Mens Wood Beads Necklace (flame)
Tunic: Stitched Zeus Tunic (brown)
Bracelets: Cold Ash Burleson Bracelets

The Olde Attic – In Our Darkest Hour, Search for the Light* (available at Fantasy Faire 2019)
Kalopsia – Old Stone Arches, Vase Shrubs

*Promotional copies

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