The Birthing Pool

The Birthing Pool Birthing Birthing 2 Birthing 3 The Birthing Pool

Halo: Kosmii Icon Halo (black)
Horns: Glutz Baphomet Horns
Hair: Tableau Vivant Nyx Hair (b&w)
Mouth Mask: Gabriel Plate Chain Mask
Eyes: Obscure Bloody Eyes 05
Collar: Gabriel Plate Chain Necklace
Pauldrons: The Forge Beserk Pauldrons (black)
Arm Cuffs: Duckie Vortex Cuffs
Tattoo: Speakeasy Mimieteh Tattoo
Gloves: Gabriel Plate Chain Gloves
Latex Suit: Ghoul Teruo (devil)
Tail: Cerberus Xing Bone Tail (silver)
Cock Ring: Kosmii Black Cock Cage
Cock: Aeros Cock Xerxes
Boots: Vale Koer Tatical Flip Boots

Backdrop: Paparazzi Alien Portal 1
Poses by Del May

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